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Mad Men, fashion as main character

After "Sex and the City" and Gossip Girl, Mad Men plays the trends.
Fitted silhouette well marked, thwarted busts, typed and styled hair, arms gloved to the elbow... all details plot to create the specific signature of the ’60s.
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H&M Denim Style Guide for women

Hey girls....have a look at this...Which of these is make you look sexy...?
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D&G Fashion Show Winter 2013-Not for you but for your man

We are still at the begining of the year 2012. It’s still January.The spring 2012 catwalks are not yet over, but Dollce&Gabanna held a preview of their Men’s collection for Fall Winter 2013 on 14th January. Hey Girls...This is not for you...But checkout for your men.
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What is Vajazzling? - New trend for women

The term "vajazzling" was coined by Jennifer Love Hewitt. It can also be spelled "vagazzling". Here’s the now infamous interview on Lopez Tonight with George Lopez where she first described crystalling her "precious lady":
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Most beautiful lingerie, wings and angels-Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2012,the sexiest fashion show of the year

Super hot lingerie designs, super models, iconic angel wings, world famous music legends...They were all in a one place, one stage. It is one and only sexiest fashion show of the year "Victoria’s Secret" Fashion show for 2011/12 which was held on 08th November 2011 at the 26th St. Armory in New York.
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Is this tomorrow???-Japanese Comiket cosplay fashions

crazy strange hair colors, hair styles, cool sexy fancy colored clothing and lingerie...What is it? Is this tomorrow?
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In 2012, The World's your stage-TrendVision 2012

In 2012, The World's your stage! Each trend is embodied by a character from the stage, named to reflect the trend world in which she lives, with a role definition of the character she's acting out. Here is a sneak peek at the inspiration behind each 2012 haute couture trends. How does it inspire you?
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