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Libertina Grimm - 100% GOTH

Libertina Grimm is an Western Australia girl that was not afraid to embrace the alternative life style and like she usually says shes is Dark enough to be exciting, angelic enough to get away with it.
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Amazing Rebeca Saray

Being as OC as we can be, we always keep it to a point to feature every girl that deserves all of the worlds attention. A girl with so much talent yet kept herself very humble. A girl whose very inspiring and a Girl that will soon rock the world. None other than, The Rebeca Saray, a young photographer from Spain.
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Izta Jupiter a.k.a Livingdeadfairy-Amusing Fantasy

Hello everyone! Its Finally October! and by that, We mean more goth interviews with the hottest and coolest goth people! For this week, here we have Izta Jupiter aka Livingdeadfairy. Shes from the Netherlands. Izta is a beautiful lady. She is super discreet and most of the time would just love to keep her personal life "private" but hey! The zestgirls[dot]com team were able to interview her and we are very honored. We cant help but keep ogling on her photos! Shes so so super cool!
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Ultra sweet goth Psychara

Our GOTH radar was somehow signaling us about this young pretty lady, Mara Buur a.k.a "Psychara" from Netherland. She’s young and always have been so creative with her looks. We, the zestgirls[dot]com team decided to interview her because we can’t afford not to feature her here in our website! She’s more than just a pretty face.
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Adorable Adora - Gothic queen of our time

Have you ever heard of the goth people and of the goth community? Are you aware of that? Well if you did, then I assume you are familiar with Anne-Sophie famous for the name Adora Batbrat and she’s from Sweden. A youtube star and a proud craft artist. We, the Zest Girls team had an amazing interview with THE ADORA BATBRAT.
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Meet "Vampire Woman" of our time

"I am a fan of Lilith most than vampires. Lilith refused to be submitted by Adam, and became a demon. I am interested in tolerance and equality." Mexican born tattoo artist and former attorney Mary Jose Cristina told us about her extreme body modification. Inside of this terrifying look we saw a mother with tender heart.
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Q&A-Morina Dass(Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Asia USA 2011)

She is a proud mother of two kids. and a very busy person with her job, as a bankruptcy specialist. She is our very own Morina Dass, Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Asia USA 2011. This is her interview with Zest Girls.
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As a child, I was fascinated with the human body-Elayne Angel

Elayne Angel is a professional body piercer and body modification enthusiast.Her contributions to the field of body piercing include the invention, naming and popularizing of several placements, including the fourchette and the lorum piercings.She was the first person to register a tattoo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has angel wings tattooed on her back.
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Q&A-Klaudia Chlustinova

5 Minutes, 10 Questions - She’s hot like red chilly...she’s sweet like a barbie...She's adorable...she’s a gift from the heaven. She’s none other than Klaudia Chlustinova. Slovakian super model reveals everything...
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