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Want to look good, when you step out of home??

 By nayani_epitawala(January 6, 2012 @ 12:58:00)

1.Make sure your face is clean of any previous makeup. Put makeup remover or water on a cotton ball. Dab or rub in small circles to remove old makeup. Determine your skin type and cleanse, tone and moisturize with suitable products twice daily. If you have skin problems like spots/blackheads, exfoliate your skin.

2. Moisturize: - Using a small dab the size of a pea, gently rub in an oil free lotion.

3. Determine your right color of foundation:- Get in a natural light and test the foundation to make sure it’s the right color for your skin. Dab a few marks on your cheek and angle your face different ways to see if the color matches. Make sure to go underneath your jaw line ,covering the neck area.

4.Use concealer on dark or red spots:- When you apply the concealer, do so directly on the spot and not around it. This is to avoid a halo effect and emphasis of the spot. Optionally set with beige powder. Be careful not to overdo it on the concealer you only need enough to cover the spot.

5.Use two shades of eye shadow for a professional look:- Apply a light, neutral tone all over your lid and just above your crease, and use slightly darker to softly line the top lid and outline your crease. For a natural look, remember to blend the colours.

6.Alternatively, use lighter colours on the inner parts of your eyes and darker tones on the outside.

7.Line your eyes with a roasted-colored pencil liner:- Pencil looks more natural than liquid or gel liner and it is easier to blend. Line two thirds of your top lashline and one third of your bottom lashline. Smudge the line with a cotton bud.

8.Curl your eyelashes:- This gives you a natural-looking lift without the use of mascara.

9.Apply one coat of brown or soft black [for darker skin] mascara:- If you are satisfied with your results in the previous step, you may skip this one.

10.Apply Bronzer:- Bronzer is a great way to make it look like you have a natural glow. Lightly brush bronzer all over your face, or just along your cheekbones and T-Zone for a natural suntan appearance. Practice at home with bronzer to see if it looks good on you before going out with it on. If you don’t like the way it looks, skip this step.

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