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HOT LADIES ONLY-Bikini Shaving Tips

 By sweetprincess(January 11, 2012 @ 23:09:00) |original post -www.intimatehair.com

Shaving removes hair by using a razor or other bladed implement, slicing the hair down to the base of the skin.
Many women prefer sprucing up their pubic area by shaving. In fact, statistics show most women do prefer to shave -- it’s quick, relatively easy and most of all, private. So...if this is your preference, shave on! There are a myriad of razors/shavers available anddesigned especially for you.
Some even offer moisturizing strips to allay irritation. For obvious reasons, shaving ’down under’ requires precision. Here are some helpful tips.

01) Moisten hair for 3 minutes with warm water (use a mild exfoliator on your bikini line) then apply a moisturizing shaving gel. Some may reach for the Barbasol but try something different. Your man’s jaw could never be compared to your bikini line.
02) This preparation is a must as bikini hair tends to be thicker, denser and curlier, making it more difficult to cut.
03) Handle the skin gently, as -- guess what? -- it’s thin and tender.
04) Shave horizontally, from the outside inward toward the upper thigh and groin area using smooth and even strokes. DON’T RUSH IT!
05) Shave frequently year-round to keep the area free of irritation and ingrown hairs.

Keep in mind: After shaving, your skin is at its most sensitive. Slather on aloe-vera or a sensitive skin-based lotion. Never use exfoliating moisturizers or products with AHAs (alpha hydroxic acids).

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