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Pregnancy Belly Button Rings, Flexible Navel Rings

 By sweetprincess(February 2, 2012 @ 23:01:00) |original post -www.sexynavelrings.com

When a woman with a belly ring becomes pregnant, she must remove all metal jewelry for the safety of herself and the baby. This can be a problem unless one wears a special type of pregnancy belly button ring. www.sexynavelrings.com has a fantastic selection of these special belly button rings just to accommodate pregnant women. They come in a specially formulated acrylic that is designed for sensitive skin while at the same time being quite flexible to accommodate the growing of the baby. Their rings come in a great choice of colors and styles. Most are ball shapes with different designs such as flowers and patterns. www.sexynavelrings.com. has almost every color in the rainbow, all are vibrant and rich colors that will add a bit of charm and whimsy to the mother’s growing body. They offer these at very affordable prices so there is no reason you cannot get a few in a selection of colors.

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