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Q&A-Morina Dass(Mrs. Sri Lanka for Mrs. Asia USA 2011)

 By sweetprincess(February 29, 2012 @ 20:24:00)

Q 01 : How would you describe yourself?
I described by many as a soft spoken woman who is kind, generous and a selfless person who’s ready to give helping hand to everyone.

Q 02 : How would you describe yourself?
I am Morina Dassanayake, a Sri Lankan native born in Southern part of the country. I’m the eldest daughter among the 4 siblings. I have lost my 2 brothers due to an unfortunate accident 12 years ago and I was left with one surviving sister who lives in Sri Lanka. I currently live in Los Angeles California with my two beautiful Kids, Kobe & Zori.

Q 03 : We would like to know about your profession.
I have been working in the banking industry for last 10 years in California and a full time employee for bank of America working as a senior bankruptcy specialist in Los Angeles.
Aside from my career in that banking industry, I also engaged myself into some stage acting, dancing, singing and modeling in which I find passion.

Q 04 : How did you get into the modeling?
Modeling is not in my life’s agenda, it just happened by chance. Years ago, I enrolled in a bridal beauty school life way back in Sri Lanka , I was first working as a bridle model . And from the time on up until now, I have continuously indulging myself in any modeling acts because I have been getting offers from different private organizations. Doing modeling gives me a different kind of happiness, it’s like a passionate feeling that I can’t resist that’s why in every opportunity that comes my way, I have always take part in it. In fact, I am working on a future project to promote Sri Lankan fashion industry here in American fashion world. I want to open the door for all who are in the Sri Lankan fashion industry to try it here in US and hopefully be recognized.

Q 05 : What is the most memorable moment of Mrs. Asia USA 2011 contest?
Most memorable moment was the final judgment. I was really happy that I could at least bring a runner-up to my mother Land.

Q 06 : We know that you have lot of stuff to do with your job and you’re modeling career. How do you manage your time with your family?
Yes I’m really a busy person. It’s not easy to manage extra work other than your daily job, specially living in a country like USA. I’m blessed and thankful to my mother, who’s helping me indeed and supporting me always. Without her help I would never even imagine how to manage my work.

Q 07 : What is the secret of your beauty?
I believe, the Beauty is only skin deep, physical beauty is superficial and is not as important as a person’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities. It should be coming from your heart. Needless to say that I have been trying to keep a healthy life by getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, regular exercise. Each one can live their life to the fullest and achieve that beauty if everything is done in moderation.

Q 08 : Do you have any tattoos and piercings..? ;) What is your opinion on piercings/tattoos?
Yes, I do have a belly and nose piercing. For me, tattoos and piercing are forms of art, but it is still a personal choice. Although, I am not a big fan of those individuals who over do it like those whose bodies are almost covered with tattoos, it doesn’t look good anymore because for me, it takes out the natural beauty of their body.

Q 09 : If you get a chance then how will you rule the world? For next 86,400seconds.
I will be a role model of peace, unity and love.

Q 10 : What is your new year’s resolution for 2012?
To get more focused in my goal in putting my foundation to help the less fortunate people living in Sri Lanka and join the fashion school t will be my new resolutions for this year. . Other than that, I guess it’s more on continuing what I have left off last year 2011.

Image credit : Gregory Moore

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