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Adorable Adora - Gothic queen of our time

 By missy_shugah(September 17, 2012 @ 01:10:00)

Have you ever heard of the goth people and of the goth community? Are you aware of that? Well if you did, then I assume you are familiar with Anne-Sophie famous for the name Adora Batbrat and she’s from Sweden. A youtube star and a proud craft artist. We, the Zest Girls team had an amazing interview with THE ADORA BATBRAT.

Q 01 : Describe yourself briefly...
I’m Adora BatBrat, a goth model mostly known for my goth make up and crafting videos on What intrigues people most about me (I think) is that I’m at the high age of 39 (ok, will turn 40 in December), have been together with my husband for 23 1/2 years, we’ve been married 14 of those years and we have 3 cool kids, all named after synthesizers since we are "synthare" [the swedish word for someone who only listens to electronic music like; early Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242] and still look goth every day.

Q 02 : Ohh we’ve heard a lot about you and you are one amazing woman! You look pretty young with three kids. What are your beauty secret?
Oh my! Thank’s! I’m turning 40 this year and apart from harvesting some good genes from my parents I think it might be a combination of how I eat [humans], how I take care of the skin and most important - that I’m happy! But if you need to know one product that conserves me it’s Boots No 7 Beauty Serum.

Q 03 : aha! Now, im thinking of switching to that product eh? so where do you usually buy your make-ups?
Since I started my own Limited business online this year; I buy from myself! I have been a fan of Kryolan make up for years (not ALL products, I’m very unfaithful). It’s usually used by theatres, TV and the opera and have not been easy to get hold of for us plebs before. I’m a slave to Kryolan Ultafoundation since it gives me the pale look I’ve always wanted so now I’m selling it to others wanting to be pale. Other favorites I have is IsaDora (Is-Adora!) waterproof eyeliner and the No 10 transparent pressed powder, M.A.C. blacktrack fluidline - and not to forget: Kryolan cake eye liner and the CEL sealer that I use for my eyebrows and swirls etc. Everything but Kryolan I buy at ordinary make up stores or department stores.

Q 04 : Wow! Pretty good choices! I love that black eyeliner from IsaDora too! Anyway, We’ve heard you like Martha stewart, so what do you guys have in common?
I claim to be the gothic Martha Stewart because I’m such a domestic wife with a talent to make magic with little means - just like Martha! I got the name "Kitchen fascist" when I lived at a boarding-school because of all my splendid food and bakery. And I have such a weakness for nicknack and crafting and baking and cooking. Apart from that, it"s the serving in jail ;)

Q 05 : What part of your body that you like the most?
Easy! My perfectly rounded forhead! Unfortunately it doesn’t show that much anymore because of my bangs, but it is SO perfect in shape, trust me. But I love every part of my body - I learned that with age. I’ve decided my body is perfect right now - because in a year I’d wish I’d have the body I have now, so I might just be content with the present. To think I spent my 20’s thinking my bum was not that cute. How stupid! I would have killed for that "un- cute" bum right now! So, better be pleased with what you have - it will only get worse ;)

Q 06 : What inspired you to become vampire-like?
I have no idea, but I do know it was not because of Nosferatu! Bela Lugosi in Dracula and Christopher Lee in Dracula: Prince of Darkness was the first vampires I got acquainted to in the early 80’s and they were cool. Most kids are drawn to superheroes and odd things and I think most of us wanted fangs from a very young age. I used to make my own with molding compound from the age of 10 and glued it with REAL glue onto my canines. But it constantly fell off. I was a bit like an alchemist producing them. And one day I just woke up and said "–What the hell! I can just make my dentist do them." Then I slapped myself for not figuring this out earlier.
But I never had an agenda with my fangs, I just like to feel pretty.

Q 07 : How is it like to be a youtube star?
Thank’s for the compliment. It’s very honorable that so many watches my videos. The best part of it is when watchers tells me they somehow gets energy and power to dare stay alternative because of one of my videos. That makes me super happy! I like the fact I can make people know me althought we are far from eachother. I just pop up in your livingroom or whatever when you wanna say hello. That’s cool.
The worst part is I can never read and answer all mails and messages I get, although I’d like to. But I read as many as I can when I have the time, so sometimes I answer messages that was sent like 3 months ago. Don’t give up!

Q 07 : How do Adora BatBrat dress at home?
The same way as I do outside my home. Not festival clothes obviously, but "standard" goth wear. I have a rule (to my husband): If you feel the need to wear couch potatoe clothes - wear it to work, and the nice clothes at home. It’s me you are supposed to dress up for. Dress like every day is a party day! Pretty clothes are of no use in the closet - or when you’re dead. Over the top is how I like it. You know, people sometimes accuse others of "trying to hard", I think to not trying to hard is just lame. We have one life (althought I have a longer than usual since I’m vampire) and out of respect to that maximize every day. You deserve it!

Q 08 : How is it being a mom of three beautiful children?
Thanks. It’s different, but not. We have incorporated the kids in our life instead of planning our life around them. I was very happy without kids and I am very happy with kids. And not to be partial or anything, but they are so cool and awesome! I do admire them for already being such individuals and do things their own way, not being dependent on others. In my town (Karlskrona) I’m mentioned as "the girl with Karlskrona’s most beautiful children". So sweet! ...or should I totally turn to be the evil Queen of Snowhite? I have not decided yet.
But I really like being a mum, but I feel more like a fun aunt or something when I hang with them. Me and my husband often talks about how proud we are to have such sweet, fun, strong and bubbly kids. We are their biggest fans.

Q 09 : Do your children dress the way as you do?
No. I like kids in lots of colors so I can easily spot them in a crowd. Don’t wanna loose them! Since they turned two they have picked out their own outfits every day. They are very creative and are not afraid to mix colors. Sometimes they dress all black and then I think like my mum most sertanly did "-Do you have to wear all black?!". But I don’t say it out loud like my mum did. But I give them a color-scheme-of-today when we are away like in bigger cities or amusement parks just because it’s practical. We then know what color to keep our eyes out for. I also have a bigger plan with all this color on them; to make them fed up with colors and only wanna wear black when they are older *mo-ha-ha-haa*.
would you like your kids to dress the way that you do when they grow up?
Yes! I’d be cheering on the front row when they ask if they can use my entire wardrobe. Hell, I’ll even sew for them all trough the night if that’s what’s being asked of me. Adora-clones for the future!

Q 10 : What is your greatest achievement in life?
I have my greatest achievement every day! I easily impress myself and often find myself smart and clever. I jump up and do a little victory dance or my boyband move of the day (don’t even ask). I’m very happy I’m not being monitored constantly because of my peculiarities. But if I need to choose one thing it must be that I had the great fortune of enchanting my husband. It is his love that makes me bubbly and happy.
What would you advice to those who wants to be like you, dress like you and act like you? Of course this is fictional! To dress like me is easy since I mostly wear lace stockings, tulle skirts, blouses with puffed sleeves, gloves and a bunch of jewellry. If people are inspired by me I’m hoping my positive sides are practised; like positive thinking, self-enamour and being uncomplicated (and not my complicated relation to cheerleaders and the constant wanna-eat-children habit). Be the best you, you can be! Remember who is most important in your life - you. Who decides what you’re going to look like? –You! Feeling happy about the outside makes you feel happy about the inside ♥
to end this interview... What do you want to say to your fans and haters? Aww, I’m so very happy about all your nice comments and the love shared and I’m so very proud to see there are so many alternatives everywhere to make the world a prettier place to live in. If you ever see me anywhere please come give me a hug! I’m such a fan of you all for your inner energy and your creativity. And as I tell my kids: the number one on your love list is always yourself. But I’m number 2, right?!
Also I wanna tell you: stop smoking! Eat healthy and IF you feel the need to cut yourself (crazy - but some goths do! ), cut out a pretty heart of paper instead. You are no allowed to make harm to that beautiful body of yours. I hope to see you all some day Love ♥ , A (Haters? What’s that? ;))

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