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Ultra sweet goth Psychara

 By missy_shugah(September 22, 2012 @ 16:30:00)

Our GOTH radar was somehow signaling us about this young pretty lady, Mara Buur a.k.a "Psychara" from Netherland. She’s young and always have been so creative with her looks. We, the zestgirls[dot]com team decided to interview her because we can’t afford not to feature her here in our website! She’s more than just a pretty face. Read below to know more about her.

Q 01 : How are you today?
Hello! I’m good, quite busy though. I’m at college at the moment, I study Graphic Design and ’m making a card game with horror characters. And excited for tonight, I will go to the movie Possesion with my cinema-buddy Sanne!

Q 02 : Tough time in college but glad you still able to have fun despite it. So, what shall we call you? Mara? or Psychara?
I don’t mind both! But when I meet people, I introduce myself just as Mara. (:

Q 03 : Tell us more about yourself?
So, I study for Graphic Design and love to go to horror movies (I have a unlimited card, so forever going to the movies it is!). I also love to party and hang out with my amazing friends, we always have incredibly much fun. I still live with my parents, but I’m just 20 and houses here in the Netherlands are extremely expensive. I love animals, I really really do and I love my doggies Noa & Blikkie. Don’t have a job at the moment, but I seriously think being a bartender in a hardrock pub would be fun. I enjoy dressing up and be busy with my looks. I always say ’I’m my own work of art’. I love to put my creativity into my look and my style developed much through the years, and it became really something to describe myself.

Q 04 : Wow amazing! Unlimited movie cards! I can live in the Cinema the whole day. Anyway, What inspired you to look goth and dress like one. when did it all started?
It started when I was around 10 or 11, when I was in the last year of primary school. When I was younger, I never cared about looks, I just wanted comfy clothes so I could play forever outside, running around and being a dinosaur or something. I wasn’t a really girly-girl with barbies, I hated dolls.
When I reached the age when you actually starting to care about your looks (nowadays, those kiddo’s start very young..Sad.), I discovered I wanted the dark goth look. I’m raised with heavy metal, like Iron Maiden, Ayreon and Rammstein and I always loved that music my dad played in the car and stuff. So I was already familiar with the goth scene and style they wear.
My mom didn’t let me wear much make-up and dye my hair, because, well, I was fucking 11. But when I was in the first year of highschool, I had a bright red fauxhawk haircut and New Rock boots with flames. My parents always supported me in my styles, but there came a lot of bullying with it in highschool. Rude ass people can go fuck themselves.

Q 05 : You dress uniquely on a daily basis, how do people react to this?
Well, people can be rude, but a lot of people also love it. My family loves it, my friends also love it and are as fabulous. I live near Amsterdam, which is a very openminded city, so I do get a lot of compliments. Sure there are always the rude people, and there’s probably people who really hate it, but I don’t care about them.

Q 06 : What’s the story behind your peircings and tattoos?
I have a few earpierings, a nosepiercing and no tattoos. There isn’t really a story about the earrings, but I always wanted a piercing back in the days. My mom really hates piercings, because she believes it will leave a lot of scars behind, but my aunt convinced her nosepiercings can get pierced with a earring-gun and that it won’t leave any scars. I don’t believe they do that anymore, but years ago, she finally agreed with a nosepiercing! I never was that rebellious kid that did not care about what her parents thought, because I respect them. I still want a septum, but I’ll wait with that when I’m moved out house.
Any future plans on re-modifications and do you have an expected final look?
The septum! And I love ear tattoos too, like a spiderweb in the ear. My ears will be very suitable for that. And I love bat tattoos, but I’m not sure about any tattoo yet.

Q 07 : You are a facebook/youtube star, many teens adore you. How does it feel?
I feel absolutely honored, and it’s weird too! I’m just a person and in my eyes I don’t do anything special. But when I get messages from followers, that they truly adore my style and I’m such inspiration, I feel absolutely honored. I hope I’ll keep inspiring people to be their fabulous selves and learn people not to give a fuck.
Do you talk to them (your fans/supporters) ? I reply to every message I get on Tumblr and Facebook and try to reply at as many messages people send me on VampireFreaks and Youtube.

Q 08 : When did all these modeling stuff started?
Around my 16th I had my first photoshoot. A photographer asked me, because he loved my style, I was very colorful and ’cyber’ back then. After that one, more photographers asked me to model for them. It was just portfolio work, but they developed into great photoshoots eventually!
How much time do you allot for dressing up and putting make up?
When I go to school, not much actually. Not that I look boring, I don’t own any boring clothing! I always wear dreads and I don’t own any pants or flat shoes. I just don’t wear much make-up, I’ll just be creative with dotted eyebrows and wear mascara. I’m not a morning person at all.
I the weekends, I’ll even dress up for only grocery shopping. I love to dress up and be creative with make-up and colored eye lenses. When I go to school I’m maybe 20 mins in the bathroom, while for parties I can dress up for an hour!

Q 09 : Do you see yourself as a goth 20 years from now?
Yes. For some it might be a phase, but I have this style from the moment style actually meant something to me and I really fucking enjoy this scene. When I’m all dressed up for a party or something, I feel fabulous and so so happy, it’s insane. So I do see myself forever being goth and I hope I can be as fabulous as Adora Batbrat is. Yes, she is an inspiration, haha.
Who are your inspirations?
Adora Batbrat! And her sister Iva Insane looks fabulous too. I also love Amelia Arsenic’s style. But my mom is still my biggest inspiration. (: From the inside then, hahaha.

Q 10 : What would you advise to the girls out there whose interested in the goth scene? Do it! This scene is full of amazing and openminded people and it’s just so much fun to experiment with this style, you can be so creative! But the most important thing is to be yourself. Always and forever.
To end this interview, what do you like to tell our readers and your fans?
Be yourself, ditch the negative people and be as fabulous as YOU want! It’s your body, mind and soul and you only live once! (fuck YOLO btw.) Hopefully you’ll turn into a happy ghost eventually. Dress up as fabulous everyday, you never know when to die and you don’t want your ghost to float around ugly, right! Feel good, look great, feel bad, look great!

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