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Izta Jupiter a.k.a Livingdeadfairy-Amusing Fantasy

 By missy_shugah(October 1, 2012 @ 14:52:00)

Hello everyone! Its Finally October! and by that, We mean more goth interviews with the hottest and coolest goth people! For this week, here we have Izta Jupiter aka Livingdeadfairy. Shes from the Netherlands. Izta is a beautiful lady. She is super discreet and most of the time would just love to keep her personal life "private" but hey! The zestgirls[dot]com team were able to interview her and we are very honored. We cant help but keep ogling on her photos! Shes so so super cool!
first of all, hello and thank you for your utmost reply. we are really really glad that you love the idea of you getting featured on our e-magazine. we feel so special, Izta.

Q 01 : How are you today?
I’m fine, thank you! It has been a satisfying day so far. I went thrift store shopping with Raza, we looked at some pictures we made last week and did some crafting on a jacket I recently found at a fleamarket. And now it’s almost time to go home and relax, watch a horror movie probably:)

Q 02 : What should we call you? Izta ot livingdeadfairy?
I prefer Izta because it’s my real name and I like how unique it sounds. Livingdeadfairy is a name I chose years ago when most of my photo’s and crafting were fairy themed. If I had the choice I wouldn’t use the name anymore but I have some active accounts, on Vampirefreaks for instance, that don’t allow me to change my name.

Q 03 : We love your uniqueness and your style. when did all these stuff started? I mean like, you dressing up that way.
As long as I can remember I loved dressing up. When I was a kid it was the usual princess, witch and animal costumes, and in my early teens I started wearing and experimenting with alternative styles of clothing. It was mostly inspired by punk and goth, since I liked those scenes, music and parties. Even then, most of the clothes I was wearing were bought at thrift shops and fleamarkets. Because I didn’t have much money I needed to improvise by modifying an old wedding dress for instance:) When I met Raza in 2006 things started to get more interesting. Together we came up with a lot in interesting ideas for outfits and photoshoots on which we have cooperated ever since. I remember the first thing we designed was a fairy costume for me. It was actually stapled together, because I didn’t have a sewing machine those days and looked very bad. But the ambition was there, and the results have improved a lot since then.

Q 04 : Who are your inspirations?
I know it’s a cliche but since I was about sixteen years old, I’ve been a huge fan of Marilyn Manson. It’s the only music I never get bored of, especially the early albums. I can relate to his dystopian worldview and criticism on society and I’m really impressed by the diversity of his looks over the years. For the clothing designs I get a lot of inspiration from horror and cyberpunk movies.The green nurse outfit and shoot for instance was inspired by Re-Animator. The post-apocalyptic setting and the characters from games such as Fallout also had a strong influence on our (Raza and me) designs.

Q 05 : Where do you buy your clothes, your make ups and some other stuff you use on your whole look?
Fleamarkets, discount stores, hardware stores, out of the trash. Useful materials are everywhere, if you’re creative about using them. When something is personally valuable to you, there’s a certain independence in being able to make it practically out of nothing if you have to. Spending more money means spending more time working, and less time having fun and being creative.

Q 06 : how do you find the goth scene? whats your take on it?
I’ve been an active participant for about 10 years now and I still feel like it’s the only scene I really feel at home in. It’s been a source of inspiration, interesting people and good fun in my life. Beautiful clothes, insanity, hedonism and open-mindedness are really the things I miss so much in the ’real’ world. What are your future plans? any plans about remodifications and more tattoos?
I’m not really the kind of person to make any future plans, my thoughts rather go to the present and past. I would like to learn more though about different crafting techniques and I know it would make me happy if I could travel more often and check out some deserted industrial areas. For the moment I’m rather satisfied with the tattoos I have, which doesn’t necessarily mean the project is completely finished. I’m still open for new ideas.

Q 07 : What other things that interests you? (eg. your hobbies
Other than crafting, modeling and photography? I love watching horror movies, especially those about zombies:D I’m a frequent visitor of goth/alternative parties. It’s a pity however that the scene is so dead in the Netherlands now, it can be quite a challenge to find a good party. I also tend to read a lot of novels, Poppy Z. Brite is my favorite writer. I adore cats, they are the top species on my list and I like to cook vegetarian dishes.

Q 08 : Whats your skin care routine like?
Mostly a hypoallergenic moisturizer and a carefully selected sunscreen. I’m a natural redhead with very light, sensitive skin, so less is usually more for me. The makeup I choose is always as cheap as possible, I don’t believe in expensive brands.

Q 09 : whats the story behind your tattoos? how many are they, by the way.
Six. The spiky eye on my wrist and tribal colarbone-ish shape on my chest were my first, and just loose images I liked at the time. Then Raza started drawing the rest for me, and the pointy, tribal, skeletal theme flowed out of what we both liked to match what was already there. I very much prefer a coordinated, whole body theme to loose pictures everywhere. Tattoo people like to say that your body is a canvas, but it isn’t your body is a body, and tattoos look best when they’re designed to work with that.

Q 10 : What would you most likely advise to your fans and readers who wants to be part of the goth community? Be creative. Be yourself. Have fun! Accept inspiration where you find it, but never settle for the ways other people are doing things or cultural products as stores try to sell them to you when they don’t feel ’just’ right for you. Actively pursuing a vision is much more fun than sitting by passively, wishing others would start getting stuff right so your look, life or social environment could be a little more like you wanted it to be.

ohh we cant compliment you enough but super thank you so much Izta. You know how much we love you and we understand why you wanna keep some things private. ♥
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