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Amazing Rebeca Saray

 By missy_shugah(May 26, 2013 @ 22:17:00)

Being as OC as we can be, we always keep it to a point to feature every girl that deserves all of the worlds attention. A girl with so much talent yet kept herself very humble. A girl whose very inspiring and a Girl that will soon rock the world. None other than, The Rebeca Saray, a young photographer from Spain. She’s pretty famous for her works. We the zest girls cannot deny the fact that we go gaga over her gallery! She got some fabulous photos on it. You guys too, must watch it. She surely do have a great eye for photography. Each of her works are pretty unique and we’d love to say "ITS WORLD CLASS!!" This girl definitely has a great talent. If only I am not half way across the world, I’d definitely have this interview in person! Read along to know more about our amazingly Talented, Rebeca Saray.

Q 01 : Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you. It is such a great honor, Rebeca. It is our dream to finally interview one of our favorite artist. So, Thank you. First, tell us a little about yourself that your fans don’t know of yet.. Who is Rebeca Saray as a photographer?
Good question ... I am passionate about photography and everything that surrounds it, I like it from art direction, makeup or styling. Who am I? I’d say just me, someone who dreams,enjoys and live in photography with more and more enthusiasm and desire.

Q 02 : What draws you to photography?
The power pouring out so I try to express, is a powerhouse, ideas are born, grow, evolve and are reflected in one shot, that’s priceless.

Q 03 : Every photo shoot is based on a concept, where do you get your inspirations from?
from literature, film, painting, illustration, and from dreams.....You never know where it will grow a new idea.

Q 04 : What’s your favorite thing about photography?
Everything from the idea, the lighting, making up retouch.

Q 05 : If you could photograph anything anywhere in the world, what would it be, and why?
It would be better to whom. I love photographing Riddley Scott --- the person I admire most.

Q 06 : Tell us more about your make-up and styling experience?
Studied a basic course to learn to reflect my own ideas myself, I ended liking it too :) and sometimes do a little of everything

Q 07 : When did you start learning the art of digital photography?
I started taking pictures about 7 years ago or so.

Q 08 : What subjects would you like to cover in your next couple of projects? Do you think that far ahead or do you try to finish one project before letting another take it’s place at the head of the line?
Well I have several ideas in my head and some physical projects already submitted to publishers for publication. In this case I was in charge I both text and images. But it that they don’t want to tell, it’s a surprise!

Q 09 : Do you have a favorite picture (your creation) What and why?
a favorite photo ... is very difficult to answer, but if ... My favorite photograph is one that I had only four months when taking pictures. I made it to my sister and a friend, I put a huge white wedding dresses but with touch fantasy, makeup on and I took them to the Tower of Hercules in A Coruna, are rushing back to me, run to the tower ...It’s my favorite so it means searching the destination, emotion, uncertainty ....

Q 10 : People seem to really enjoy your photography workshops, is teaching something that comes naturally to you or how did you find the confidence to start doing workshops?
For me, it was all very casual, I was called to lecture, and luckily they liked my teachings and started calling photograph associations in different cities of Spain and started do a lot of workshops, took four years dedicating myself to teaching and is one of the best things that ever happened to me, I really enjoy teaching, seeing how well it passes the people, seeing their evolution, making friends...

Q 11 : Do you also teach in workshops on how to create great editings? Example, how to add make up digitally.
If I teach all my techniques, I believe that you can teach anything, people will learn what you know and I also try to do the best that I can relay to them everything I know...Both lighting and retouching. What I teach is my full working method.

Q 12 : What can we look forward to seeing from your work in the future?
Well I hope more publications, a new book and what is put forward. I love to go to London to and study English for a while, I get really bad and besides learn well and lose the fear, I give workshops outside of Spain and the language is a barrier...

Q 13 : What’s your message to every budding photographers out there and also a message to your fans?
never stop and do not lose hope, be consistent, work hard, practice endlessly, both photography and editing, be curious, learn new techniques but more important is to enjoy every step of this to come. Respect your peers, see other visions, study, etc ... the good thing is that you never stop learning with every step you take. Be happy with what we do, I think that’s the most important.

Thank you very much for the interview, I was delighted. It has been a pleasure

A great big kiss!

Thank you so much, Rebeca!

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