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In 2012, The World's your stage-TrendVision 2012

 By sweetprincess(December 17, 2011 @ 16:32:00) |original post -Wella FB page

They're here! The latest hair visions from Wella Professionals, inspired by the hottest trends in fashion, beauty, design and architecture. With your stylist, embark on a love affair with your hair and make these looks your own.

Latin passion has moved on from the cliche of sultry, fan-wielding voluptuousness. The modern take on South-American exoticism is more unpredictable: it picks up on the ardent character and confidence of a Frida Kahlo and the liquid sensuality of Rudolpho Valentino. A fiery temperament and an almost masculine pride combine to a fusion of both the male and female Latin traits. This trend is embodied by: BLAZE, THE FEMME FATALE.

The concept of luxury has evolved from ostentation to a refined simplicity that celebrates the dry elements of nature. Handcrafted quality, natural materials and the values of authenticity are being rediscovered. Clothes, furniture and accessories are no longer seen as disposable, but as an expression of personal style. We shift away from demonstrations of status to true class. This trend is embodied by: GRACE, THE MODERN MUSE.

The future keeps promising a vision of perfection. We're closing in. The ultimate beauty perfection is a quest for new sensations, for purity and light, for unseen, un-felt textures, free from earthly compromise. Move towards the edge of innovation into the outer space of experimental beauty. This trend is embodied by: CELESTE, THE VISIONARY

Re-invention is the order of the day: the glamour of Studio 54, the experimental creativity of an Andy Warhol mixing with the VIP society, the sharp-silhouetted Yves Saint Laurent evening suit for women on a night on the town - but with a new twist. This is post-modern feminism - purposeful, orchestrated, and completely self-aware. This trend is embodied by: ROXY, THE SCENE-STEALER.

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